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Black Immigrants in Canada characterize themselves as 'unhealthy' more than any other racial group

According to a 2012 report by The Wellesley Institute


Blacks in Ontario are the highest occuring Sickle Cell carriers with 60 newborns identified each year

According to stats published in a Feb 2017 Toronto Star article


Black Women are 43% more likely to die from Breast Cancer. Black Men are almost twice as likely to develop Prostate Cancer.

Published by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation & Prostate Cancer Canada


Black Wellness is a cultural network serving businesses, organizations, practitioners, professionals., retailers, educators and communities by providing niche online marketing, media services, public relations and event management related to the holisitc health and wellness industry.

why we exist

The African Diaspora face a unique set of circumstances including anti-black racism, discrimination, inequality, abuse, racial profiling, criminalization and marginalization. Black Wellness develops initiatives such as events, workshops, conferences and media opportunities to alleviate the barriers to good health.

We strive to create better access to clean, culturally appropriate, organic foods, resources, services and information that is relevant to the overall experience of the black community.


According to ongoing research in Canada and North America, black communities are disproportionately affected by mental health, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, cancers, diabetes as well as autoimmune diseases. We are interested in black people getting better, being self-determined as well as continuing to contribute globally to humanity in positive ways.

Black Wellness shares its brand on public forums in order to encourage cross-cultural exchanges that improve understanding, broaden perspectives while increasing engagement and collaborations for better health; alongside the development of safe spaces for community interaction.

At Black Wellness Our Motto is
Mind. Body. Community.
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Our Mission

To Create Holistic, Organic Alternatives to Traditional Healthcare that is Culturally Relevant and Appropriate for Improved Mental Health, Physical Well-Being & Quality of Life for Black Communities in Need


Our History

Recognizing those underserved by the system, we educate and empower cultural communities, namely the Black Community within Toronto, the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and throughout Ontario regarding best practices for good health. Black Wellness was newly formed in February 2019.

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Fueled by Passion

As individuals and as a globally diverse community, Black Wellness reaches those on a level which takes
into consideration black history, ancestry, the environment, mental health, biology, beliefs and sense of consciousness as critical parts to the repair and maintenance of good health, prosperity, longevity and life expectancy for all Africans.

Our Team


Giselle wilson, HOST, Producer & Owner

Giselle Wilson is a graduate of Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Arts program with time spent in the industry. Later transitioning to commercial real estate, she has strong media and business experience that she brings to the operations of the company.

Giselle is acquainted with community health issues on a personal level. She lives with Graves Disease (Hyperthyroidism) and Myasthenia Gravis. Her mission is to bring awareness and educate communities about overcoming the effects of poverty, mental health and chronic disease.


Lori Beazer, Producer & Owner

Lori Beazer has a professional background in public relations and event management. She has several disciplines and areas of interest including natural aesthetics, skincare, food security, community advocacy and engagement.

She created the Afro-Caribbean Farmers Market and co-produced The Afro-Indigenous Food Security Festival in Toronto. With passion, Lori endeavors to empower the African Diaspora with knowledge and resources in order to build a level playing field that supports overall health.

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